E.A.T.'s (European Audio Team) new C-Major Turntable is now shipping.

E.a.t.s (European Audio Team) New C-Major Turntable Is Now Shipping.


E.A.T. is proud to announce the US launch of its most important turntable to date –  the C-Major.. Why “important”? Because it represents the E.A.T. engineering ethos at a more attainable value proposition – each design decision was carefully defined to satisfy the veteran vinyl-phile who requires high-value, and a perfect solution for those music-lovers that are re-discovering their long stored, record collections. The C-Major achieves simplicity without compromising performance.

EAT’s most successful and highly reviewed turntable to date, the C-Sharp, became the benchmark for analogue value vs performance. The Absolute Sound said in August 2015's cover story that the C-Sharp is “Affordable Excellence... a high performance turntable for the rest of us.” It is the success and technology of the C-Sharp that enabled EAT to develop an even more affordable high performance model – The new C-Major.

EAT and VANA have teamed up to offer the C-Major as our first complete analogue system solution. It includes a 9" version of the C-Note tonearm complete with record clamp, fitted dust cover, and offered in a specially-priced package with the Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge.

    The Ortofon Quintet Blue offers dynamics, resolution, and an open sound with detailed reproduction and has an excellent pedigree as well, earning many awards including the Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product Award.

E.a.t.s (European Audio Team) New C-Major Turntable Is Now Shipping.

The retail package is $2495.00 Considering the cartridge retail is over $500.00, and the 9" C-Note tonearm weighs in at $1795.00, you can see what an amazing deal this is!

There is no doubt that The C-Major will extract the utmost musicality from your cherished record collection at an amazing price.

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