Audio Physic Fall Update - Lots of great reviews and two new models!

Audio Physic Fall Update - Lots Of Great Reviews And Two New Models!

Wow ! We have a lot of exciting news to share with you from our friends at Audio Physic. Lots of great reviews keep coming in and two new models will make their debut in the next few weeks.

First, the reviews - We can't remember a time when Audio Physic has garnered more accolades from the worldwide audio press:

There is a growing excitement about the AVANTI:

LP magazine says they are the "Best in 2016".

A coveted four star review from What Hi Fi proclaiming that the AVANTI's have "Subtlety and emotion, breathtaking crispness... They’re smart, elegant and packed with clever engineering. Their sound brims with agility and clarity, and it’s all backed up with class-leading build and finish. They’re worth a serious audition."

Finally, hot off the presses from a North American publication - Soundstage, a Reviewer's Choice Award and an engaging piece of audio journalism from Roger Kanno - This is a MUST READ!

"Audio Physic’s motto, “no loss of fine detail,” is emblazoned on a badge at the bottom of the front baffle of every one of their speakers, and I think it aptly describes the Avanti’s sound: neutral, transparent, viscerally exciting, and as aurally gripping as the speaker is visually striking...The Avanti's created a deep, wide soundstage, and ultraprecise imaging that I haven’t heard from any of the high-performing speakers from KEF, Definitive Technology, GoldenEar, and Revel that I’ve recently had in my system."

The CARDEAS 30 LJE has received great reviews from both The Absolute Sound and StereoLife magazines. It will be appearing in The Absolute Sound 2017 Annual Buyer's Guide issue along with the CLASSIC 30.

Never to rest on their laurels, Audio Physic is proud to introduce two new models - the CODEX and coming soon, the return of a global classic - introducing the TEMPO plus.


Audio Physic Fall Update - Lots Of Great Reviews And Two New Models!

Visually stunning on the outside, technically innovative on the inside, the CODEX is the latest model to advance Audio Physic’s proprietary designs first introduced in the the CARDEAS 30 LJE – the third generation HHC Tweeter and HHC Midrange. And, in comparison to the highly reviewed AVANTI, the Four-Way designed CODEX adds a 7” Mid-Woofer and has increased the size of the internally mounted Woofer, to handle the lowest frequencies, from 8” to 10”. In size, driver compliment, and performance, the CODEX is not just the AVANTI on steroids, but rather is an aural assault on the AVANTERA plus!

The CODEX at $14,995 bridges the gap between the AVANTERA plus and the AVANTI. Audio Physics's latest offering surpassed even our very highest expectations by establishing a new benchmark for price and performance.


The Return of a Legend – The TEMPO plus

Audio Physic Fall Update - Lots Of Great Reviews And Two New Models!

The TEMPO has been a worldwide classic, favored by fans and reviewers for many years. Shortly it will make its return in a new updated version.

The TEMPO in its plus configuration, continues to be a Three-Way design with Dual 7” woofers and a 5.9” HHC Midrange, but now includes the most recent version of the HHC Tweeter, featured in the AVANTI and CODEX. The TEMPO plus continues to be an amazing value at $5,995, and we have just received our first pair to audition and they are phenomenal!

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