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Audio Physic Step Plus  "So, did all the small details and build quality make a difference in actually listening to music? In a word, yes. These speakers sounded almost magical in both my listening rooms. The first thing I noticed was the imaging. The speakers were never a point source, and simply created a realistic horizontal image of an orchestra, rock group, or jazz ensemble. It was quite uncanny.

THE AUDIO PHYSIC STEP PLUS is high-cost, I’d consider it high value – the speaker offers accurate sound and exact imaging. For many, the money is well spent. They are high-end speakers in a very compact size that outperform many speakers in their size class. These are not inexpensive speakers by any means, selling for $ 2799.00, but the quality of construction and components are high end, not just high-end pretense. Their pedigree from Audio Physic means a great deal of hard work and artistry went into their design, and it was reflected every time I listened to them."  Mel Martin, February 2018

Audio Physic Step Plus"If you want a highly immersive, three-dimensional music experience in a small to modest room, these are the speakers that should be at the top of your list."

"These little darlings image like crazy – every silly audiophile cliché you know applies. Small monitors are a shoe in for their ability to disappear into a room, offering close to the proverbial point source for sound and the Step plus does an amazing job."

"This is due to the amazing amount of technology incorporated into the speakers, something pretty much unheard of at this price point...The Audio Physic Step plus is about resolution, and this is delivered. These speakers offer a highly resolving look into the music presented without ever being harsh, strident or fatiguing and that is a tough balance to achieve. It’s obvious that the AP slogan “No Loss of Fine Detail” is delivered on in full."  Jeff Dorgay, May 2017

Another Legend Returns for 2017...The re-engineered and updated Step plus!

Excellent sound is not a question of size, but certainly one of stature. And the STEP loudspeakers have exhibited stature since their first iteration. The strong reception of these loudspeakers among music aficionados, numerous national and international awards, underscore the high class of these units. Now with STEP plus, the most mature STEP model of all time is entering the stage, and the STEP plus gives the term compact loudspeaker a whole new dimension.

Love the Tempo plus, but they don't fit into your living space? We took the exact same Mid-High section and enclosed it in a bookshelf size cabinet for a smaller footprint.

In terms of styling, the STEP plus is true to the tradition of its predecessors, but we re-engineered it from the inside out with the same passion that we dedicate to the AUDIO PHYSIC top models. The STEP plus benefits from many of the technological insights that we gathered during the development of the top model - the CARDEAS 30 LJE. They feature the exclusive third generation HHCT III tweeters, included in most of the top of the line models.   

The suspension system and the chassis basket are mechanically decoupled from one another in a radical design involving the hyper-holographic cone chassis. This reduces unwanted resonances.The forward-looking HHCM chassis also makes a difference on the low medium tones. The result is a dramatic gain in precision and attention to detail. The most intricate flutters in a vibrato or the gentle shimmer of a fading harp string are real challenges for any loudspeaker. They reproduce complex music material in a calm, collected and uncompromising manner – acoustic magnifying glasses in a true sense.

The special cabinet shape lends the STEP plus not only a modern, timeless appearance, it also reduces standing waves in the interior of the loudspeakers that can jeopardize crisp midrange reproduction. The inner cabinet has been updated to include open cell ceramic foam bracing elements that also reduce resonances in the interior of the STEP plus. The extremely stiff and open-pore material figuratively takes on the function of a labyrinth. The acoustic noise inevitably emitted from the chassis into the cabinet interior essentially gets lost in the pores, thereby undergoing a massive reduction in power, and can no longer affect the sound. Traditional insulation materials do not even come close to achieving this effect.

The slight rear tilt of the cabinet body balances out phase differences between the mid and high range. Low mid-range drivers and tweeters are placed flush with the front panel.

An additional essential contribution to natural sound is provided by the newly, re-engineered crossover with its painstakingly selected components. The interior wiring, as well as the high-quality WBT™ control terminal, mechanically decoupled from the cabinet, are also part of the tonal coordination. The sum of all these details leads to a stunning attention to detail and homogeneity that will thrill the discerning audiophile. Thanks to their tonal balance and impressive dynamic capabilities, the STEP plus also make a fine seamless addition as rear speakers in an AUDIO PHYSIC surround system.

  • Vibration Control Terminal II (VCT) to eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Active Cone Damping (ACD) for minimal metal cone resonance
  • Modified inner cabinet with open cell ceramic foam bracing elements
  • High-quality WBT™ control terminal, mechanically decoupled from the cabinet
  • Two-way design with updated crossover
  • (1) 1.75” HHCT III, Ceramic coated Aluminum Hyper-Holographic Cone Tweeter
  • (1) 5.9” HHCM II, Ceramic coated Aluminum Hyper-Holographic Cone Midrange
  • Dimensions: 12.6” x 6.9” x 9.8”
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs. each