Audio Physic Sherpa V Speaker Stand

Audio Physic

Crafted with glass and aluminum, creating a stunning visual appeal, this stand is a work of timeless elegance for your bookshelf loudspeakers such as the STEP Plus. The bottom and top plates of the SHERPA are made of tempered safety glass, supported by a slim but solid oval aluminum bar, which is high gloss lacquered in Black, White or Silver.

In short: A solid and exquisitely designed solution.

Optional: The VCF II (Vibration Control Feet II) which can be adjusted in height prove to be a nearly insurmountable barrier to resonances. Apart from adding to the good looks of the SHERPA, the VCT II can also positively enrich the sound performance of your bookshelf loudspeakers.

Coming Soon!

Height w/o Spikes: 26.18"

Top Plate: 7.87" x 5.9"

Base: 14.3" x 10.2"

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!