European Audio Team offers turntables with maximum technology and performance while still maintaining an elegant look.  Never has a turntable company combined such Kinetic energies in such elegant products. In 2009, Jozefina Lichtenegger, EAT's founder and CEO shown at the right, launched her first turntable - the original Forte.   The Forte had many innovative features. Most obvious was a super high mass platter that rather than building it tall, the design actually moved the mass to the outer edge beyond the record edge thus effectively increasing the effects of this mass. To reduce bearing friction (noise), mounted in the underside of the platter and in top of the plinth were placed extremely large opposing magnets that lift or help support this large platter effectively reducing bearing pressure.

Simply put, the platter gains speed stability afforded by a high mass platter while the magnets reduce the negative effects of this high mass. After the successful launch of the Forte came the new smaller foot print sibling the Forte-S. The Forte and Forte S with their special designed superlative heavy platter, have been a revolution in the high end audio market.  The E-Flat was introduced next and topped the concept with the first super flat high end platter in a wonderful mass loaded dual Motor Design. The success of the E-Flat motivated EAT to bring an even more elegant and slim turntables to the market - The highly reviewed and award winning C-Sharp, C-Major, and the new B-Sharp.

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