EAT B-Sharp Turntable


Eat B-Sharp Turntable“The B-Sharp/Ortofon combination sounded quite splendid with most genres of music that I threw at it. Sweet and open sounding with plenty of details and dimension. Overall the EAT B-Sharp turntable looks to be a beautifully well rounded source component that I could happily live with.

The EAT B-Sharp turntable is an excellent choice for people who are seriously looking to get into vinyl and are demanding something a bit better than average, without breaking the bank of course. It is a bold and refined design that provides you all the necessities and does away with the superfluous. Its handsome look is eye catching and is sure to be noticed. Its performance is also a step above, with the bundled Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Let’s see: it’s good looking, easy to live with, sounds sweet and it won’t put you in the poor house. Sounds like the perfect date. All you need is the wine!" - July 2018


  " Eat B-Sharp Turntable...the B-Sharp delivers a dramatic-yet-composed rendition that captures the drive and power of the piece well. It has no trouble punching out the music’s explosive crescendos, rendering the wide-ranging dynamics with control. Stereo imaging is precise and stable, the record player casting a decently proportioned soundstage and populating it with nicely layered and solidly located instruments. It’s a fine deck and one well worth searching out." - April, 2018


  Eat B-Sharp Turntable

 "...the EAT B-Sharp is a most enjoyable moderately priced turntable that does most things correctly and few things wrong—within the price category. Its speed accuracy and consistency made listening pleasurable and relaxing. Imaging was stable and well-defined as was soundstaging. The ‘table and Ortofon Blue produced a satisfying spread and good sense of depth... the top end was precise, cleanly delivered and well-extended and backgrounds were quiet, black and free of mechanical artifacts. What we call "rhythm'n'pacing was good and the 'table carried a coherent tune that made familiar records sound, well, familiar. Of course if the ‘table and arm are doing their job you should be hearing more of the cartridge and less of the ‘table and arm. I’ve heard the 2M Blue in many settings ... and it performed about as good as I’ve heard it in a moderately priced turntable.

What I like about the B-Sharp was that it dared “go deep” without announcing the low frequency overshoot and it maintained graceful high frequency transient control. Pair if with a moderately priced bookshelf speaker that doesn’t try to produce more bass than it’s capable of and doesn’t cheat by adding lumpy mid-bass and you’ll find this to be a great affordable turntable that will take good care of your records until you hit the jackpot or rob a bank.

I can also say that the EAT B-Sharp is a well-constructed turntable with a high performance arm capable of handling a wide range of cartridges including far more expensive ones than the 2M Blue and with its full range of adjustments has advantages over some of the competition...for $1595 including a $250 cartridge and all the rest that it offers the EAT B-Sharp is a great looking, versatile and fine sounding "Plug’n’Play" turntable that’s easy to recommend as a starter ‘table or a step up from the lowest priced non-toy players." - Michael Fremer -  February 2018

 Eat B-Sharp TurntableEat B-Sharp Turntable"It's clear that the EAT B-Sharp
is a fine performer; It has a naturally clean and smooth sound, just as you'd expect from a well-engineered turntable, and this makes listening enjoyable regardless of the type of music you choose. The bass is supple and bouncy, and the midband is open, detailed and expansive. Treble is extended and smooth, and the turntable is well balanced and relaxed in its musical presentation. Stereo imaging is accurate, a tribute to the impressive tonearm fitted, no.doubt. It gives a sweet, smooth and musical sound that is fun to listen to. Rhythmically keen, tonally neutral and bristling with low-level detail, there's much to impress's an accomplished all-rounder." - David Price  October 2017/January 2018

Eat B-Sharp Turntable (Robert "Bob" Lefsetz is an American music industry icon, analyst and critic, and author of the email newsletter and blog, the Lefsetz Letter)

 "It’s hard to describe vinyl. The way it pulls you through the speakers. You’re not just listening, you’re involved. Humans make this music, and suddenly the organ sounds like someone is inside the speaker playing it, the guitars occupy space and the singer is singing to you. I dropped the needle on Bob Dylan’s “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” from “Bringing It All Back Home” and my jaw dropped. It was so intimate, it was like he was RIGHT THERE! ... You’d be wowed". - Bob Lefsetz November 2017

 Eat B-Sharp Turntable  "I remain very highly impressed by the design, construction, and price of the European Audio Team B-Sharp turntable… simply stated, European Audio Team’s B-Sharp turntable will not be a limiting factor if you want to employ far more expensive cartridges than the supplied Ortofon 2M Blue. If anyone asks you what they should buy, the EAT B-Sharp at $1595 is my personal benchmark for this market position. A no brainer, as it were, at this point in time. EAT’s B-Sharp turntable it is an outstanding value!" - Ron Nagle October 2017

Eat B-Sharp TurntableMany a turntable leans towards an overly warm and lush sound, but this E.A.T isn’t one of them, instead it produces a realistic concert-hall sound with well-mastered classic music, thanks largely to its mix of detail and substance. Long may vinyl thrive and it is turntables such as this that will only help our old analogue friend survive. This turntable’s timing is excellent; there’s ample bass extension, a strong midrange with smooth as you like highs. You start to take in whole albums, listening to track after track, such is its infectious and revealing musical nature...this combination of turntable and cartridge delivers the music with sparkle and cohesion, superbly so for the money.

The B-Sharp is E.A.T’s entry-level turntable and it’s the real deal; meticulously designed, beautifully crafted and far from stupidly priced. It’s largely thanks to our European cousins that we are still able to buy quality turntables and play freshly pressed 180-gram vinyl on them. Anyone looking for a turntable sub-$3000 has to put the B-Sharp on the top of one’s list. It’s a no-brainer. - Nic Tatham  September 2017

Eat B-Sharp Turntable"…this is an amazingly good table for anyone bit by the vinyl bug looking for an upgrade from their starter turntable… the core sound of the B-Sharp shines through. The B-Sharp is a solid table, offering sonic performance at the top of its class in all areas. Gliding through some acoustic recordings reveals general tonality and musical pace to be solid through the B-Sharp.

There is an overall “rightness” about this table…the sheer spatial ability of the B-Sharp; painting a large soundstage in all three dimensions. This is what you want from analog, but don’t get from budget tables. Finally, the tonearm/cartridge interface is superb, with the 2M Blue turning in one of the best performances I’ve heard. …the build quality of the B-Sharp is excellent throughout, and this is a table you’ll love having on your equipment rack, or wherever you choose to place it. The plinth has a lovely gloss black finish, and the tonearm is a work of industrial art.
Priced as it is, the B-Sharp offers a high level of performance at a level that is cost effective for music enthusiasts with even a modest record collection. It proves to be an excellent performer." - Jeff Dorgay August 2017


"And while E.A.T may consider the B-Sharp an ‘entry-level’ turntable, the truth is this range kicks in where many brands taper off." Marc Rushton  stereonet (Australia)

Experience the B-Sharp Turntable

The engineering of the new B-Sharp turntable is substantially influenced by the award winning and enthusiastically reviewed C-Major turntable. We have eliminated all non-essential cosmetic adornments without compromising the performance or mechanical integrity, enabling great performance at a more affordable price.

Eat B-Sharp TurntableAvailable in Black Gloss or White Gloss

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