"For me, music is very valuable, a language everyone understands. Music is timeless, it makes me feel, understand, and remember. Growing up, music always had a natural place in my daily life."
Lars Pedersen, Primare's Founder


During the late 1980s, long before anyone had heard of "lifestyle" design, the first Primare hi-fi products were created. These early products symbolized a radical shift in the way music systems were perceived because they proved that great sounding hi-fi could also be rewarding to look at and to live with. Successive generations of Primare products have followed this Scandinavian ideal in which simplicity represents the most powerful union of form and function.

In the purest tradition of Scandinavian design, Primare under stands that surrounding the best technologies with chic aesthetics will reveal the soul of every audio and video performance with tantalizing realism. Founder, Lars Pedersen (left) and International Sales Manager, Siemen Algra (right) head the team at Primare.


Scandinavian design is like this: practical, unpretentious, beautifully efficient and powerfully satisfying in its simplicity. Through Primare audio/video systems you’ll enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and high performance without complexity, in a form that is easy to use and appreciate over many years.

VANA is proud to represent Primare in North America.

Bent builds Primare Trailer Youtube from Primare on Vimeo.


has produced an excellent video portrait of Lars Pedersen, Primare's Managing Director, as part of their Another Side series. Enjoy!

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