Revolv Turntable Stylus Gauge


Easy, Precise Stylus Tracking Measurement

Make sure your phono cartridge is set-up with the correct stylus tracking force with the Revolv Stylus Gauge. Proper set-up will give you the best sound quality while also helping to protect your vinyl recordings from excess stylus force.

Revolv is a small digital scale that measures the tracking force of your stylus with 0.01-gram accuracy with a capacity of 5 grams. It's small enough to fit almost anywhere, so that you can always keep it close at hand. And the easy-to-read backlit LED digital display ends the guesswork you get trying to read other types of tracking force gauges.

Revolv is simple to use. Just rest the stylus of your cartridge on the stylus pad, and you're done. It includes 5 gram weight for accurate calibration.

Revolv comes in a handy leatherette protective carrying case and has a slide-off cover to protect the scale. Batteries are included.

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  • Electronic stylus gauge
  • Auto calibration with included 5g weight
  • Backlit LED digital display (4 digits)
  • Auto-Off: 60 seconds
  • Slide-off cover
  • Includes leatherette protective carrying case
  • Requires two AG12 5V lithium batteries (included)
  • Capacity: 5g
  • Precision: ±0.01g
  • Operating range: 0-40º C
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 1.7" x 0.8"
  • Weight: approx.. 1.75 oz.

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