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July 2018  Now Shipping!
EAT's first branded Cartridge - Jo No. 5 Moving Coil - $1295 and available
in specially priced packages with the C-Major, C-Sharp, E-Flat and Forte S.



July 2018  Now Shipping!
The E-Glo S has met it's match - the LPS Dual Linear Power Supply - $1295
Powers the E-Glo S and any EAT Turntable Simultaneously!
AND The Perfect Pair... E-Glo S and LPS Combo - $3795


July 2018 Available Now!
Okki Nokki Limited Edition 2018 T-Shirt!
July 2018

  Now Shipping !

    Revolv Pre-Mixed Alcohol Free

     Supreme Record Cleaning Solution



Now Shipping

The new Award Winning

E Glo- S Hybrid Tube Phono Preamplifier - $2995

Read all about it!


The EAT - Massive Record Weight - $195


Vinyl Essentials Test LP -$40



The newly re-engineered AVANTERA III is now available!



The New B-Sharp Turntable is NOW SHIPPING !



The Legend Returns in 2017! NOW SHIPPING!

The re-engineered and updated

Audio Physic Tempo plus 

"They offer fantastic sound; they image exceptionally well,
and their forgiving sonic signature will mate well with a variety of components."
Rob Johnson, Tone Audio -  Issue 82





Another Legend Returns in 2017! 


The re-engineered and updated Audio Physic Step plus  

"If you want a highly immersive, three-dimensional music experience
in a small to modest room, these are the speakers
that should be at the top of your list."
Jeff Dorgay, May 2017

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