Audio Physic Cardeas 30 Limited Jubilee Edition

Audio Physic


Cardeas 30 LJE is in the news with two excellent new reviews!

Review - October 2016 Issue by Andrew Quint

"It was apparent I was hearing a top-echelon loudspeaker, competitive with other highly regarded models in their price range from Wilson, YG, Magico, Von Schweikert, and others.

"Never before, in my long experience with this recording, have I heard a better differentiation between the two brands of fiddles—the cleaner, sweeter, more focused tone of the Stradivarius instruments as opposed to the darker, earthier, more sensual, and plaintive sonority of the Guarneris. It was close to hearing the instruments themselves with no intermediary electronic technology."

 "The Cardeas 30 LJE loudspeakers will provide a majestic, full-range listening experience with the most challenging source material in both smaller and larger rooms. They do so more successfully than any other two-box floorstander I’ve heard in my familiar listening environment. "

Review - Published August 26, 2016  by Tomasz Karasiński

Cardeas 30 LJE just rocks!

"The flagship Audio Physic speakers are close to perfection for me… (And) in a well-damped room, the effect is thrilling.

"Even the price doesn't discourage me because I listened to a lot more expensive speakers that can't  hold a candle to the Cardeas 30 LJE."

"These sets implement company's concept of sound design without hesitation, and if such an    approach suits us - and many factors indicate that generally audiophiles like such a performance - the listening experience will be unforgettable."

"What did I like the most in these speakers? I think that they are uncompromising and quite easy to control. They look very serious, as high-end speakers should, but they don't contain idiotic solutions that may be suited to the world of audiophile bondage, but cause problems in the real world. There is  no driver in a marble sphere placed on springs, requiring leaving five meters of free space from the  nearest wall, no grille with very complicated assembly requiring at least three other people to mount it, no cables installed by special silver pliers... If not for the above-average size and weight, Cardeas 30 LJE could be considered as a perfectly normal speaker, no more difficult to transport, install and configure than a typical floor standing speaker such as, for example, the Classic 30. The flagship Audio Physic model, however, has something unusual. It's disgustingly luxurious. High-gloss black ebony veneer raises clear associations with the interiors of the most expensive limousines, like Rolls Royce or Maybach. Absolutely fantastic in terms of both quality and way of serving the finished product to the  customer."

 The Audio Physic Flagship Loudspeaker -  This Cardeas was designed especially for Audio Physic's 30th Anniversary and incorporates an array of special features in comparison with the Cardeas plus+:





  • Limited to 30 pairs, every Serial No. is embossed on the name plate
  • Black High Gloss aluminum front plate
  • Black High Gloss bottom plate
  • Modified new HHCT III tweeter, easy recognizable on the aluminum-grey inner felt ring
  • Exclusively modified VCT+ terminal
  • Further optimized foot construction including VCF V Magnetic feet
  • Exclusive Clarity Cap capacitors with copper foam technology


        Coming Soon!
        • Height: 46.9"
        • Width: 12"
        • Depth: 23.4"
        • Required Space Width x Depth: 16.1" x 23.4"
        • Weight: 163 Lbs.
        • Recommended amplifier power: 40-350 W
        • Impedance: 4 Ohm
        • Frequency range: 25 Hz - 40 kHz
        • Sensitivity: 89 dB
        Coming Soon !