EAT B-Sharp Turntable with 9" B-Note Tonearm, Dust Cover, and Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge - NEW!


  "…this is an amazingly good table for anyone bit by the vinyl bug looking for an upgrade from their starter turntable… the core sound of the B-Sharp shines through. The B-Sharp is a solid table, offering sonic performance at the top of its class in all areas. Gliding through some acoustic recordings reveals general tonality and musical pace to be solid through the B-Sharp.

There is an overall “rightness” about this table…the sheer spatial ability of the B-Sharp; painting a large soundstage in all three dimensions. This is what you want from analog, but don’t get from budget tables. Finally, the tonearm/cartridge interface is superb, with the 2M Blue turning in one of the best performances I’ve heard.

…the build quality of the B-Sharp is excellent throughout, and this is a table you’ll love having on your equipment rack, or wherever you choose to place it. The plinth has a lovely gloss black finish, and the tonearm is a work of industrial art.

Priced as it is, the B-Sharp offers a high level of performance at a level that is cost effective for music enthusiasts with even a modest record collection. It proves to be an excellent performer." - Jeff Dorgay August 2017



"And while E.A.T may consider the B-Sharp an ‘entry-level’ turntable, the truth is this range kicks in where many brands taper off." Marc Rushton  stereonet (Australia)

Experience the B-Sharp Turntable

The engineering of the new B-Sharp turntable is substantially influenced by the award winning and enthusiastically reviewed C-Major turntable. We have eliminated all non-essential cosmetic adornments without compromising the performance or mechanical integrity, enabling great performance at a more affordable price.

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Coming Soon!