EAT E-Glo S Hybrid/Tube Phono Preamplifier


The matching liner power supply (LPS) can power the E-Glo S and your favorite EAT turntable simultaneously. It will increase speed stability on your turntable and will lower the noise floor on your E-Glo S to supply a smoother and more dynamic sound! Sold individually or in a specially priced combo.

Eat E-Glo S Hybrid/tube Phono Preamplifier

" well balanced, so musical, so enjoyable. Excellent tempo and fullness, the EAT preamp expresses the highs cleanly. There is a difference sonically that once you hear how great the hybrid E-Glo S sounds and elevates your system, you may not think twice about the upgrade and cost...clean and natural highs and especially finite detail. This is an elevate-your-system kind of product. I highly recommend it." - PIERO GABUCCI

 Eat E-Glo S Hybrid/tube Phono Preamplifier"The E-Glo S harnessed the mountain of information dredged up by this exotic, monstrous cartridge and slapped me in the face with the best sound I have ever heard from my system. More bass, better bass, shimmering highs, lush midrange -- the whole thing, delivered in a manner that made my mouth hang open... the E-Glo S did the nifty trick of projecting into my listening room the ambience of an entire world into which I could melt - the E-Glo S added just enough texture to the overtones ... to deepen the soundstage and add a nice density to the overall sound."

It was a thoroughly musical phono stage that readily conveyed subtle cues in the music, the details that come together to build a musical performance. EAT’s C-Major turntable had a lively, very slightly crisp tonal balance. If aural memory serves, I imagine that the C-Major would be an ideal complement to EAT’s very slightly lush-sounding phono stage. If I were looking for a complete analog rig in this price range, I’d sure want to investigate this combo.

That the E-Glo S adds some tube sweetening is what makes it, in my books, so special. In the 21st century, phono stages that use tubes to actually amplify a cartridge’s signal rather than using tubes only as buffer stages seem somewhat quaint, considering that it’s far easier to slam out 70dB of gain with transistors. But EAT has managed to use vacuum tubes -- that century-old technology -- as the gain devices of a great-sounding, thoroughly modern phono preamplifier. - Jason Thorpe

Eat E-Glo S Hybrid/tube Phono Preamplifier


"A $2,995 Marvel – The EAT E-Glo S Hybrid/Tube Phonostage"

European Audio Team’s E- Glo S is incredible... the experience is unmatched. ...the amount of texture and breath that the E-Glo S contributes is impeccable. Acoustic instruments and complex musical selections really come to life via the E-Glo S. The speed of fast plucked acoustic guitars, or a gently bowed violin has the necessary delicacy to immerse you in sound. Yet there is also enough resolution to discern the difference between a Marshall stack and a stacked pair of Fender cabinets.

If you’re working within the context of a well-crafted system, and looking to put together a great analog front end in the $6k-$12k range, that includes the table, cartridge and phonostage of your choice – you will be hard pressed to find anything more revealing than the E-Glo S.

Running the E-Glo S through its paces with about a dozen different phono cartridges and hundreds of varied musical selections, it confirms its excellent first impression. This is a fantastic phonostage that is without compromise at its price. It’s easy to award this beauty one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2018." -  Jeff Dorgay





Eat E-Glo S Hybrid/tube Phono Preamplifier"As the outside world considers high-end audio ever more odd, many brands still need to grapple better with context. So this is not a budget phono stage by any means, but it is a great one, blessed with styling and ergonomics showing cognizance of needs beyond absolute sound quality – such as usability. I fell in love with it within 15 seconds, but it was still the sound that grabbed me above all else. Elegant high-end tube phono pre-amplifier with ultra slim design! " - Ken Kessler

An elegant high-end tube phono preamplifier with an ultra slim design!

E-Glo S – is a hybrid phono preamplifier that utilizes ECC83 tubes (twin triode) in the first and second gain stages. In order to get higher gain and lower noise we use in the first stage a cascode connection of tube with two parallel-connected low-noise J-FET transistors.

The RIAA curve is equalized and fully passive and split in two steps, which allows to us achieve perfect impedance matching between the gain stage and equalization block. The E-Glo S preamplifier doesn’t have any global feedback. It has a massive aluminum chassis, with the ability of adjusting the impedance, capacity and gain. It has subsonic filter with mild effect, which doesn’t affect audible frequencies in negative way.

A very important part is the advanced power supply that uses anode voltage regulation and a well filtrated voltage. Filtration is in three steps; the result is a perfect S/N ratio for an undisturbed musical experience.

Available with Macassar or Gloss Black side panels.

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  • Input impedance MC: 10,30,50,90,100,1000,47K Ohm
  • Output impedance: 100 ohms
  • Load capacity: 50,150,270,370,520,620,740 pF
  • Gain MM: 45 dB
  • Gain MC :45,50,55,65,70 dB
  • RIAA accuracy within 0,5dB/20Hz – 20kHz
  • Subsonic: 18 dB / Octave
  • Input: RCA
  • Output: RCA
  • Power supply: DC18V/1
  • Dimensions W × H × D 17.1" × 3.5" × 10.6"