EAT Jo. No. 5 Moving Coil Cartridge


 "The JO Nº5 combines the richness and warmth of some other modestly priced MCs with a good deal of the detail and resolution produced by more expensive MCs with not a hint of the added edge, etch or grain that sometimes mars the performance of modestly priced MCs., enveloping, harmonically “colorful” and spatially involving...super-stable imaging." - Michael Fremer August 2018

…at $1295, it challenges my favorite $3500 cartridge reference for best overall definition, imaging, and musicality. I cannot even suggest a cartridge at Jo’s price that comes close in overall performance.

...while retrieving pinpoint imaging with a focus unmistakably improving upon my $3500 reference cartridge, and rivaling my $6000 cartridge.

Breakthrough is a breakthrough, no matter how you spell it. The Jo No.5 is how I spell it right now. At $1295, unless you collect boxes, this is the cartridge to own. 

The EAT Jo No.5 MC Cartridge is the best overall performing MC cartridge I have heard in a long time, and the current “price/performance value" of the decade. It is not just a very good sounding cartridge. Jo is a cutting-edge high tech music machine enhancing the performance and erasing distortion!

WOW! The Jo redefines the build quality and style of what is achievable, realistic to expect, and top tracking ability worth at least $3000.

The EAT Jo No.5 MC Cartridge is sublime and a wondrous value not soon to be surpassed. My 50 years of audiophile listening tell me Jo fully deserves my highest number 1 recommendation! Welcome to America Jo!” - 07-18-2018 | By Robert H. Levi | Issue 98

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