Primare AIR App - NEW!


AIR enables playback of high-resolution streaming services through any of Primare’s network-enabled digital devices, including the NP30 network player, MM30 media board, installed in either the I32 integrated amplifier or the PRE32 preamplifier, and the PRE60 reference preamplifier.

AIR is compatible with both iOS and Android and it’s FREE, requiring only an account with the preferred music service to realize the pure sound of Primare hi-res streaming.

Services initially supported will include airable.Radio by Tune In and TIDAL. In the very near future, Deezer will be incorporated into the service offerings, with more services to be added in the future by way of simple updates.

AIR also includes an "Uninterrupted Play" feature -  AIR does include a buffer that will allow one or two songs to be played when in the background while texting, taking a call, or using other apps on the device, before needing to have file packets requested and received through the app. For continuous playback, AIR must remain in the foreground of the device that is controlling the app. So, remember to bring AIR to the foreground after using other functions of the device in order to ensure uninterrupted play.

To celebrate the launch, Primare has arranged for complimentary three-month introductory subscriptions to TIDAL HiFi. (for new subscribers only)  TIDAL is a global streaming service, available in 50 countries, with a catalog of more than 40 million songs and nearly 130,000 videos. The service offers high-fidelity CD sound quality, high-quality video, unique experiences, and expertly curated content and editorial. 

For a complimentary three-month introductory subscription to TIDAL HiFi*:

Download AIR for free from the App Store or Google Play. Then e-mail your name, Primare product model [PRE60, NP30, I32/MM30, or PRE32/MM30] and its serial number to You will then receive a voucher code by return e-mail to redeem your complimentary three-month introductory subscription for TIDAL.

A note on the AIR APP, Bluetooth, and TIDAL: TIDAL through BT is limited to a bit-rate of 320kb/s while AIR has the ability to play files from TIDAL HiFi at bit-rates up to 1411kb/s (FLAC). Primare designed the BT circuitry for the best possible sound in less critical, more casual, listening. AIR is for more critical, more focused, listening.


Please see the downloads tab for updated information on new features and troubleshooting.

For more information contact our sales team!

For more information contact our sales team!

For more information contact our sales team!

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