Primare iOS and Android App


The Primare App allows you to choose and play media (including internet radio) at resolutions up to 24bit/192kHz from network shared music sources and storage through streaming modules on the I32 integrated amplifier and PRE32 preamplifier, and also through our dedicated network player NP30.

The App can be downloaded FREE from:

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  • Play from USB-A, (stick, iPhone etc)
  • Establish network connections and play from any network shared music source
  • USB-B for direct connection to PC or Laptop.
  • Play files up to 24bit /192 kHz resolution
  • Play internet radio (vTuner – )
  • Display and save playlists
  • Repeat track and play queue
  • Display format, bit rate and sample rate of the song playing
  • Provide fast forward and back navigation of the song playing
  • Provide volume control (Maximum, fixed or variable on NP30)
  • Allow source selection of devices connected to inputs of the I32, PRE32 and NP30
  • Allow the renaming of inputs on I32, PRE32 and PRE60
  • Give the I32mm30, PRE32mm30, NP30 and PRE60 a name on the network
  • Manage software updates on I32/MM30, PRE32/MM30, NP30, PRE60
Coming Soon!