Audio Physic Magnetic Sound Optimizers

Audio Physic

Save your floors and make your speakers and electronics sound awesome ! 

VCF V Magnetic

  • Flagship Sound Optimizer Kit solution for Speakers and Electronics
  • Includes: 3 Adapters for 2.4cm / M8, for 3.4cm / M8, and Electronics
  • Maximum Weight: 66 lbs per foot
  • 1 VCF V Set = 4 pcs

          VCF II Magnetic M8

          • Sound Optimizer Ultimate Foot for Classic, Jubilee and High End Series
          • Maximum Weight: 22 lbs. per foot
          • 1 VCF II Magnetic Case = 8 pcs 

          VCF II Magnetic Component

          • Sound Optimizer Ultimate High End feet solution for Classic, Jubilee and High End Series Speakers and Electronics
          • Maximum Weight: 22 lbs. per foot 
          • 1 VCF II  Component Case = 4 pcs


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